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On other platforms a stream is just a number…with negligible monetary & promotional value. SoundOff gives artists full visibility into the fans behind their streams & allows fans to provide direct financial support to artists.


Why you should choose SoundOff

There are so many music apps, what makes SoundOff unique?

Fast Growth

Your music immediately gets put in front of fans looking for it. No need to use social media apps that aren’t built for music

Activity Tracking

Find out when and how new fans are interacting with your music and take full control of your fanbase

Amazing Music

Some of the hottest independent artists have their music on SoundOff, so get ready for an awesome listening experience

Value-Added Streaming

SoundOff makes it easy for artists to make money without millions of streams; and for fans to be able to directly support their favorite independent artists


Comes with EVERYTHING you Need.

SoundOff is a social-music platform. It has the power and speed of music platforms & the connectivity of social platforms.

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Incredible Key Features:

Upload an unlimited amount of songs & get an add-free listening experience for FREE

Receive direct financial support from fans via our virtual gifting system

Meet the Fans behind your streams and find out how they’re interacting with your music


Who's Up Next?

Discover the hottest independent artists before they blow up!


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Join the home of independent artists & music lovers. Download SoundOff right now on the AppStore! Our Android version is coming soon.

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